Providing Behavioral Health Services to the Central Louisiana Crossroads

Red River Behavioral Health is a Psychology Practice in Alexandria, LA established in 2012. If you are looking for guidance or assistance with a situation that you are experiencing or that a friend or loved one is experiencing, we can help. We welcome you to make an appointment with Dr. Hess for a consultation or to obtain a referral to other resources.

Services We Offer

The most common services offered at Red River Behavioral Health are treatments for Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, and Trauma. Each of these areas is unique and requires specialized knowledge and experience to effectively treat and support people that are struggling in these areas. For more information about these Behavioral health issues view our links.

  • Depression

    Symptoms can present in a wide range from mild to severe.  Depression can limit productivity, quality of relationships, work and home environments, as well as school performance.  Long term or untreated/severe depression can be unhealthy and or dangerous.

  • Anxiety

    There are numerous causes and forms of anxiety.  Most people attempt to avoid these feelings as they are often uncomfortable.  In many cases anxiety prohibits people from being themselves and from enjoying the full range of activities and experiences that others do.

  • Substance Abuse

    Abuse and dependence of drugs and alcohol are debilitating situations for both the individual and their family systems.  Substance abuse often co-occurs with other Behavioral Health symptoms including mood and anxiety issues.  These cases must be handled with care and may require support and family services.  Group and individual treatments have been shown to be effective for substance abuse issues.

  • Trauma

    This area of Behavioral Health is receiving a lot of attention in clinical research due in large part to elevated rates of traumatic reactions seen in military veterans returning from war and from victims of domestic violence.  Symptoms of trauma are often misunderstood or not recognized by the general public or by those that are suffering.

Who We Treat

  • Adolescents & Adults

    Red River Behavioral Health specializes in the treatment of Adolescents and Adults ranging from teenagers to retirement aged people.  Treatment approaches are adapted to fit the generation and cultural demands of each person.  Issues that are common amongst this wide range of ages vary considerably.  For this reason special care is given to each person to ensure quality services.

  • Law Enforcement, Military & Veterans

    The providers at Red River Behavioral Health specialize in treatment of Law Enforcement and those that serve the military.  Despite recent increases in mental health focus, these populations tend to be underserved due to a variety of reasons.  Our providers have considerable training and experience in forensic behavioral health.

  • Individuals & Groups

    Our providers utilize a variety of different treatment modalities including individual and group treatment as well as treatments which occasionally involve family members of loved ones.  Each treatment approach will depend on a combination of the symptoms presented as well as individual factors.

About Us

At Red River Behavioral Health, we believe in the value of professional and confidential behavioral health services. We strive to treat each person with the care and respect they deserve. Change is a difficult process and we respect those that make efforts to pursue treatment. We believe that treatment outcomes are best when the treatment approach is effectively matched to the individual’s specific situation.

  • Dr. Adam Hess, Ph.D.

    Dr. Adam Hess, Ph.D.

    Dr. Adam Hess is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Central Louisiana. He studied Psychology at California State University, Fresno where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. He earned his Master of Arts and Doctorate in Forensic Psychology at Alliant International University. Adam has practiced in several institutional settings to include juvenile and adult correctional institutions, outpatient and residential treatment centers for drugs and alcohol, and in settings offering treatment to law enforcement personnel. He has experience treating substance abuse, trauma, mood, and anxiety disorders in adolescents and adults.

    Adam has taught University classes in Criminology and Psychology at California State University, Fresno and at Louisiana State University at Alexandria. He has published articles in peer reviewed journals in the area of Eyewitness Memory.

Links & Resources

Red River Behavioral Health provides the following links and resources for you to learn more about mental health issues.

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We believe that quality and competent mental health services should be accessible to people that have a need and a desire to make changes in their lives. If you or someone important to you can benefit from a consultation, please contact our office so we can assist you or refer you to community resources that can help.


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Red River Behavioral Health is now accepting Tricare health insurance as well as fee for service clients. Additional insurance providers will be accepted soon.